Creative Woodworking

Woodwork main pic

Wood is one of the most important materials in the natural world. However, it is one that most often gets overlooked when providing play opportunities for young children. Wood play provides an opportunity for children to be introduced to and become more familiar with this wonderful natural material.

Working with wood introduces many new skills and the children gain experience from working with real tools. The children cognitive and motor skills and also develop another language from which to express their creativity. The children gain a sense of empowerment and it undoubtedly develops confidence and self esteem.

Evidence of these wonderful sessions is all around the nursery. Photos are presented on the digital photo frame outside the Wise Owls room, display boards, learning profiles and the all important ‘Woodwork Scrapbook’. Further evidence can also be found in various places around the nursery. Eg. The paper tray in the nursery office designed and made especially for Christine ‘to put her papers in!’