Partnership with Parents

Partnership with parents

We respect that every family is different and therefore their needs will be too. Each member of staff is different and so will their manner/approach be towards making relationships with families. However, our common goal is for all the children in our care to be happy and fulfilled, and we know this can only be accomplished by working closely together. When we refer to Parents we mean any Parent or Carer who plays a part in the child’s life to fulfil the role of a Parent. This could be a birth parent, step parent, adoptive parent, foster carer or many others.

You are assigned a Key Person in each room, these Key People are for the whole family, not just the child! They will be the person to know all those extra special bits and bobs about your child and you as a family. We ensure to keep open dialogue with Parents to improve our knowledge of the needs of their child and how best to support them as a family. We do this in day to day handovers, parents evening, using our learning diaries and at events such as stay and plays. Managers play an active part in being available at the beginning and end of days to discuss any questions or concerns.

We value your opinions and needs and are constantly striving to improve our service we offer you. We do this by seeking to listen and understand your issues and act efficiently upon them, we do this in a variety of ways such as day to day conversations, confidential parent surveys and Parent Forum meetings. We are passionate about what we do and hope to reassure you by our constant ongoing developments, we do this by sending monthly newsletters and utilising our Facebook page – have a look if you haven’t yet!
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