What makes us unique?

AHN Beach School Nov 17-128

These are the ways in which we practice teaching as well as our aims and visions to support children’s well being and learning at nursery.

We respect children and their choices, listen to them and value their rights and opinions. Each child is respected as an individual and we adapt our practice / pedagogy to benefit each and every child’s unique identities; their strengths, prior knowledge, experiences and interests. This will then support children in their journey of discovering and accepting themselves. We will work in partnership with Parents, Carers, Siblings and communities (including other settings and professionals) throughout each child’s journey.

What we want children to achieve

We want to instil confidence through experiences that support children in believing they can achieve anything, offering advice along the way to help them do so. We are advocates of risk taking and teach children to embrace challenges, make mistakes and encourage them to know they can achieve anything that they set out to do. We aim to teach children life long skills, that will continue with them not only for their education but for the rest of their lives. Some of these key life long skills are; their approach to learning (engagement, motivation, thinking) problem solving, emotional intelligence and creating healthy relationships with others and the world around them.

Well being

We believe that high levels of wellbeing are of paramount importance, children need to be comfortable, confident and happy in their surroundings to enable them to engage and learn. High levels of engagement and involvement (deep level learning) cannot take place without high levels of wellbeing. Joy, imagination, curiosity and excitement are feelings and dispositions we want adults and children to feel during their time at nursery.


PLAY and holistic learning is at the centre of everything we do; the way we interact with children, work with families and the further community as well as the environments we provide for children inside and outside of nursery. The children are the leaders in our setting and we use reflective practice to ensure we are providing the necessary support to enhance their experiences throughout their early years.


Our environment need to a be safe, homely space that promotes discussion, exploration and children’s interests through carefully chosen relevant, open ended and stimulating resources. The environments are ever evolving and provide new experiences as well as opportunities to repeat those experiences and schemes of play. Forest and Beach School provide a wealth of new experiences outside of nursery. We believe that sustained long periods of time to explore indoors and outdoors are key for children to gain the most from their learning experiences.


We believe teaching should be from adults who have high levels of wellbeing themselves. The teachers should also be interested, responsive and excited about the experiences they will have with children and adults. They should be enthusiastic, caring, knowledgeable and patient. Adults teach through children’s natural curiosity and role model respectful relationships between children and other adults. We are passionate about professional love and attachment informed practice to ensure adults create meaningful relationships with children and families. We aim to ensure we have a team that reflects society, with a diverse group of adults from all walks of life.