Wise Owls – Pre School

Archfield Environment-176

The Wise Owls is the final stage of your child’s journey through Archfield. The Wise Owls consists of 4 separate rooms including the main room, the Nest; where imaginative play within the home corner can thrive, an art room and our blank room; where children can have the freedom to explore different opportunities based on their interests. We also have our own terrace, a woodwork area and garden. These facilities have been specially planned and designed for the children within this age group to ensure that they are supported in reaching their full potential through the opportunities available.
The routine of the day is different each day, depending on the children’s interests and ambitions. The vast majority of the day is free flow play however in the summer months we make more of circle and group times to help prepare children for school routines.  The environment is set up in a way which enables children to continue having ownership throughout the day, with resources being provided in a way which is easily accessible, enabling children to pursue their ideas.

Staff ensure that all areas of learning and development are interwoven within the activities taking place so that children become confident and capable learners who make progress across a broad range of curriculum areas.

We have a strong passion for learning outdoors and have free flow to the garden on a daily basis in addition to regular Forest and Beach School sessions. This provides children with the opportunity to learn in different environments and engages their learning within the community. Wise Owls get to access at least 1 cycle of Forest and of Beach School across their Pre-School year. Cycles last between 4-6 weeks and rotate days to ensure all children get to experience these fantastic learning environments. You can find out more information about Forest and Beach School on the ‘Why Archfield?’ tab of this website.

Following access to the wide range of opportunities provided within Wise Owls, combined with working closely with schools, we hope that children leave Wise Owls with the best possible start for the next part of their educational journey at school. We know that this is the biggest transition for many children following starting nursery, it can also be a stressful or anxious time for Parents and Carers. We implement many strategies to support this transition such as individual parents evenings, parent presentations with local teachers and visits for the children from local teachers.